Removing Odors Permanently Sioux Falls, SD


"If It Smells, It won't sell" --Lee Pemberton


10 ways to turn off a would be home buyer...

#1 Dirt -- We have you covered on the Carpet and Tile Floors

#2 Odor -- There is a science to odor removal that will work for you!

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Finally there is a way to eliminate even the toughest smoking odors. A-1 Carpet Service in Sioux Falls has the equipment and products to Completely Eliminate The odors, not just cover them up.

As you have read on our Pet Odor Control page, there is a science/chemistry to odor control and removal. Masking odors with off the shelf products just wont do what the professional grade equipment and products provide. Manufactures have chemists with labs and money for research. The products they make do not comel in a pump bottle or an aerosol can, they would simply be too expensive to sell to the general public, not to mention safety concerns if used improperly.

That's what we are here for! We are trained and have the latest tools and safety gear to protect ourselves and our customers. :)

Depending on the severity of the smoke or other odor, we recommend a good cleaning to remove residual nicotines and odor causing bacteria. Many so called experts will almost alwatys throw an Ozone machine at the problem and then tell you thats all that can be done!

Have you ever tried to sell a car with smoke odor? Would you buy one?


A-1 Carpet Service Treats the following:

* Your Home/Apartment

* RV

* Car

* Airplane

*Hotel Room

* Just about anything!


Call us to discuss your situation and we will see if we can help!




Landlords and property management company inquiries welcome Commercial Rates Available




Odor Removal Sioux Falls, SD