New Carpet Installation Sioux Falls, SD


Carpet installation is a subject I am very passionate about. As a Certified Carpet Inspector & Professional Carpet Cleaner I have seen a lot of carpet!

I must admit, 90% of the potential claims I have dealt with were a direct result of poor installation of the carpet. I see this more and more every day out there cleaning carpets in hundreds of homes each year.

Knee kicker installs and lots of staples. After just a couple of years you see puckers around the staples and ripples forming in the hallways, the list goes on and on. You do some checking and find that you had a 1 year warranty on the installation *

I have been repairing and restretching carpet since I started in this business in 1986, from Day 1 we gave a lifetime warranty on our repairs as long as we cleaned it.

Our new carpet installation warranty is very simple, We will Guarantee the installation of your carpet for the life of that carpet, as long as we get to clean it.

I have a team of 2 professionals that I have do new installations. I am personally not fast enough to do bigger jobs, and frankly customers get tired of feeding me after a few days.

These two forgot more about installing carpet, than I will ever know. #AddedBonus They do wood, tile, vinyl basically anything that is on a floor,

We know how the carpet is supposed to be installed at the transition. Transitions are the root of carpet installation evil. This is where the carpet becomes loose first. I have been in homes with carpet less than a month old, that my vacuum sucked right off the tackless Strip #NotTightEnough #DoOver


If you want your new carpet installed right at VERY reasonable prices please give us a call.


* If Your Lucky



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